Questions? Here’s some frequent ones


If these sites are such a good deal, why don't you just buy them on your own?

Diversification is important in investing. We’d rather own a revenue share of 100+ sites than receive 100% of revenue from 3-5 websites. We believe in partnering with individuals like you that will bring their knowledge and new ideas to grow the business. By partnering with you, we can reach more industries, more platforms, and a larger network, which helps in diversifying our portfolio.

What experience does IA have in monetizing other websites?

Ace Chapman is the expert in the digital assets acquisitions space. Mr. Chapman has been buying and selling businesses for the past 15 years. He has invested over $20 million in digital acquisitions. Under the leadership of Ace Chapman, IA is setting the standard for digital assets investment.

Can I help select the site to buy?

You do get to select the site you can invest into. However, since IA will be investing with you, we would need to agree to the purchase. IA will offer certain selections that meet the IA due diligence criteria to ensure the best possible investment.

Who is the actual owner of the site?

You, with IA purchasing 25% of the site. Certain restrictions apply?

Can I sell the site?

IA will be working hard to grow the purchased site. The growth of a site could attract a large buyer. A high valued digital asset sells for a much larger multiple than say your average six figure website. You the majority owner can sell the site at any time. If a site is sold, you, the majority site owner, will receive the original cost of the purchase and 50% of the overage, with the remaining 50% of the overage going to IA. You can sell the business at any time. IA has first right of refusal but can not stop or block any sale.

Will I have an active role in this business?

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What happens if the IA is dissolved, closes, goes bankrupt?

The digital asset or business that we purchase together is NOT Income Acquisitions. Therefore just because IA dissolves, doesn’t mean your business dissolves. At that point you would take your website and do as you deem appropriate. IA would still own 25% and you could sell it if IA can no longer manage it. You could also continue running it or hire another person to run it for you. Just to be clear, IA will be the managing company and part owner, but IA’s business decisions will not directly impact your digital asset.

What are the greatest benefits of IA program?
  • The majority of our investors are very busy professionals. We manage the entire business for you, provide updates, and send checks. You may also wish to have some input, but you can choose to be completely passive.
  • We are co-investors with you. It is in our best interest to make moves that will benefit both.
  • One of the coolest things about this type of investment is that we can always sell the business off to someone else. We have a large network of buyers and sellers involved in this industry.
  • The tax benefits of buying income-producing websites are very favorable.
What are the risks, if any?

As with any investment, there are some risks involved. You are buying an income producing asset. This digital asset is an actual business that can grow or shrink. The risk is reduced because you are buying the digital asset with IA. With over 15 years of experience and with the leader in acquisitions, Ace Chapman, involved, your risks are reduced.

With risk also comes the potential for high reward. Ace has been buying and selling digital assets longer than most Private Equity firms. We use his insights and expertise to purchase, maintain, and grow our digital assets.

Are there any other hidden costs, royalties or fees of any kind, once we get started?

No, The co-investor funds 75% of the digital asset and IA invests 25%.

All other fees such as domain costs, hosting fees, maintenance fees and marketing costs, come out of ?

How do you know the site will make money and offer a good return?

With our large network and experience in the industry, we can reduce the risk involved with buying an income producing website. Although there is no guarantee, we can assure you that we will do everything in our power to ensure our 25% and your 75% is invested in an excellent deal.

I am interested, How do I get started?

Send us an email or fill out our “interested form”. We will have a team member contact you immediately.